Pick Me Help Plunket

A Pick Me Help Plunket partner makes regular contributions through their services or product sales. This helps Plunket to give more support to families in New Zealand.

Pick Me Help Plunket partners use the iconic ‘Pick Me’ logo on packaging or related promotional material to let consumers know that they are proud to support Plunket.

Plunket is known to over 90% of New Zealanders. 63% of which are more likely to purchase from a company that donates to Plunket (Plunket Public Perceptions research report, February 2008).

Email us if you would like more information about becoming a Pick Me Help Plunket partner.

  • watties for baby logo


    Pick Me Help Plunket Partner

    Wattie’s and Plunket have been partners for over 27 years. working closely to provide information and resources for parents about infant nutrition and starting solids. Wattie’s baby foods are approved by the Independent Nutrition Advisory Group to ensure important factors such as textures, taste and a variety ingredients are age and stage appropriate for infants as they grown. . Every Wattie’s ForBaby product sold, featuring the Pick Me Help Plunket logo, results in Wattie’s providing financial support to Plunket.

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  • dettol 2


    Pick Me Help Plunket partner

    Plunket and Dettol are excited to be working together to promote family health. Dettol has a range of personal care and household cleaning products which aim to support Plunket’s Pick Me Help Plunket programme.

    Dettol has been trusted with germ protection for over 70 years. Dettol’s range of products help you and your family to be protected from germs.

    Look out for Dettol’s products in-store with the Pick Me logo.

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  • Bepanthen Brand


    Pick Me Help Plunket partner

    Bepanthen is proud to continue its partnership with Plunket as a member of the Pick Me Help Plunket programme for over two years now.

    Bepanthen is a well-known brand of Bayer - a global enterprise and its Consumer Health division is one of the leading suppliers of non-prescription (OTC) drug products and dietary supplements around the globe. Bepanthen has been healing skin for over 70 years globally – a product many whānua with babies and children may already be familiar with!

    Under the Pick Me Help Plunket programme, each sale of Bepanthen® Ointment contributes directly to supporting whānau around the country through Plunket’s many community services.

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  • BAY Elevit Breastfeeding Master Logo AW

    Elevit® Breastfeeding

    Pick Me Help Plunket partner

    Elevit® Breastfeeding has been a Pick Me Help Plunket partner for over two years.

    Elevit® Breastfeeding is the second Bayer product to join the Pick Me Help Plunket programme, with Bepanthen® Ointment joining the popular programme too.

    It’s no surprise that for some mothers eating a healthy, well balanced and nutritious diet is challenging especially when breastfeeding. Plunket encourages a varied diet to keep mothers and babies healthy. While a varied diet can provide most nutritional needs of the breastfeeding mother, maternal diet may not always be adequate. Elevit® Breastfeeding has been specifically tailored to support a woman’s increased nutritional needs during breastfeeding for their baby’s ongoing development.

    Under the Pick Me Help Plunket programme, each sale of Elevit® Breastfeeding contributes directly to helping support whanau around the country.

    Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Vitamin supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet. Bayer New Zealand Limited, Auckland.

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