Elevit® Breastfeeding

It’s with great pleasure that we warmly welcome Elevit® Breastfeeding to the Pick Me Help Plunket family.

Elevit® Breastfeeding is the second Bayer product to join the Pick Me Help Plunket programme, with Bepanthen® Ointment joining the popular programme in July.

It’s no surprise that for some mothers eating a healthy, well balanced and nutritious diet is challenging especially when breastfeeding. Plunket encourages a varied diet to keep mothers and babies healthy. While a varied diet can provide most nutritional needs of the breastfeeding mother, maternal diet may not always be adequate. Elevit® Breastfeeding has been specifically tailored to support a woman’s increased nutritional needs during breastfeeding for their baby’s ongoing development.

Under the Pick Me Help Plunket programme, each sale of Elevit® Breastfeeding contributes directly to helping support families around the country. Elevit® Breastfeeding products can be found in a pharmacy near you.

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