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Keeping children safe this summer

As the work year ends and the holidays begin, Plunket is offering parents and caregivers some practical tips for keeping safe this summer. “All children deserve the best protection they can get, and mums and dads deserve a relaxing break,” says Plunket National Advisor Child Safety Sue Campbell. “When planning ahead for summer fun, include ways of protecting children from unsafe situations.

BestStart supports Raise a Bundle 

Plunket’s Raise a Bundle (RAB) fundraising campaign has provided Plunket partners with a platform to engage with their audiences. It has created an environment where partners can profile their relationship with Plunket, as well as help us to raise funds to support our community services. BestStart is one of these valued Plunket partners, and we are looking forward to what lies ahead in 2017.

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Volunteers help Plunket to make the difference of a lifetime

Today is International Volunteer Day and Plunket is paying tribute to the thousands of its volunteers around New Zealand who support the charity. International Volunteer Day is a United Nations-led initiative that celebrates the one billion-strong volunteer workforce around the world. The theme for 2016 is “Together we can”, which the organisation says emphasises the power of community and that by working together, we can achieve great things.

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Baby safe sleep practice vital after earthquakes

It’s natural for new parents to want to keep their babies close after the recent earthquakes but Plunket is advising families to continue following safe sleep practices. Plunket’s National Advisor for Māori Health Zoe Tipa says for parents who choose to bring their babies into their bed, the use of sturdy plastic pepipods and flax wahakura are a safer option. “But unless you have one of these, our advice is to follow the usual practice of keeping your baby in their own bed, making sure they are sleeping face up and face clear, and ensuring the house is smoke free.

Plunket AGM records historic vote

Plunket’s vision is that ‘In the first 1000 days, we make the difference of a lifetime’. In an historic vote at its National AGM today, Plunket agreed that the best way to achieve that vision is to move away from its current Area Society structure and transition into a more modern and relevant national charitable trust. A single, cohesive national organisation will make it easier for Plunket to deliver fairer outcomes for its families and children with a focus on areas that need it most, Acting New Zealand President Christine Lake says.

Generous celebrities helping Plunket to help kids

Plunket is delighted by the generosity of almost 1,000 people and organisations who have so far raised over $500,000 for the charity at a gala luncheon and auction in Auckland today. The event was organised by Plunket Foundation Trustee Sir Graham Henry and Foundation co-Chair Professor Richie Poulton (head of the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study). The lunch at Sky City is being attended by a Who’s Who of the sporting world, including Richie McCaw, Gemma Flynn, Brendon McCullum, Lisa Carrington and sponsor Fonterra.

Message from Amanda Malu CEO

Hello everyone
I hope you, your family and friends are finding comfort in each others’ support following the recent earthquake and flooding in Wellington. Our thoughts are with those in communities that have been hit hard by these events. The Wellington Support Office will reopen tomorrow.

Wellington Support Office Update

Confirmation has this afternoon been received that our Support Office in Wellington has been cleared as fully operational by essential services contractors. As previously advised by engineers, the building has not suffered any apparent reduction in structural capacity. The office will reopen tomorrow.

Wellington Support Office Closed Today

Our Support Office in Wellington is closed for the day. As previously advised by engineers, the building has not suffered any apparent reduction in structural capacity. However, we have now been advised that some essential services may not be operational and require further checks from qualified contractors.

Earthquake Update: Wellington Support Office will open tomorrow

Our Wellington Support Office will reopen tomorrow. For those of us in Wellington, we’ve added rain to the shakes for a soggy night and day. Given the weather here today and the resulting chaos on the roads caused by flooding, the decision to stay out of the CBD until we received the all-clear on our building was a sensible one.

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