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Countdown — Halloween LED Spinning Wand Product Recall

A product recall has been issued for Countdown — Halloween LED Spinning Wand. The product has been recalled because the wand may crack open when dropped, exposing the button cell batteries. Ingestion of button cell batteries by young children can cause internal burns which may lead to serious injuries or death.

Royal & Well Booster Seat Product Recall

A product recall has been issued for Royal & Well Booster Seat sold by Top Deal Store. The product has been recalled because the booster seats do not comply with the Land Transport Act and cannot be used legally. What to do if you have this product? 
Stop using your booster seat immediately and contact Top Deal Store to arrange return of the seat and a full refund.

Huggies on ‘par’ with Plunket’s golf day

For the past nine years, Kimberley Clark (KC), as part of their sustainability programme, challenge themselves to make positive contributions to communities throughout New Zealand. For one day a year, KC staff down pens and pick up tools to help different community organisations in any way they can. Plunket has been fortunate to have KC volunteer their services for two initiatives – first, the makeover of the Plunket Waitemata Area Family Centre in 2009, and more recently, helping at Plunket’s first inaugural golf tournament.

Busy year for BNZ and Plunket

We are delighted to renew our partnership with BNZ for a further three years. BNZ, as Plunket’s Principal Sponsor, has supported Plunket and its families since 2010. BNZ not only invests in the welfare of many families across New Zealand through Plunket, but provides professional expertise and volunteer support for Plunket staff and their various initiatives.

Hands-on introduction to baby’s first solids

Sometimes we learn better by doing, and that was just what Kaipatiki Plunket parents in Glenfield Auckland had the opportunity to do recently at the first practical introduction to solids. The session, a joint initiative between the clinical team and community support, was designed to follow on from the Karitane introduction to solids session and allow parents to be hands-on and observe how to prepare their baby’s first foods. “We were hearing more and more often that parents didn’t have the skills or knowledge about how to prepare their baby’s first foods, and in our community a lot of new parents don’t have family support so they don’t have a mum or grandmother to ask for help,” says local Community Support Coordinator Raelene Fraser.

Plunket brings more play to Northland’s children

Play and learning for Northland children is getting a big boost thanks to Plunket. New pop-up playgroups will soon be set up in two Whangarei suburbs following Plunket winning a contract from the Ministry of Education. Additionally, two Far North Plunket playgroups have recently become Ministry certified groups – bringing the total to three including the one already established in Kerikeri.

Plunket welcomes UN report recommendations for NZ on children’s rights

Plunket believes there needs to be a whole-of-country response to improve the future for many Kiwi kids. Plunket Chief Executive Amanda Malu says the latest UN report shows New Zealand is making progress to meet its responsibilities as a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child - but there is much more that can be done. “Plunket is particularly concerned about the growing inequity and issues related to poverty.

1000 Days to Raise a Bundle – Plunket launches ambitious campaign

Plunket has today launched an ambitious 1000-day campaign to raise awareness of the vital role that the charity plays in the first 1000 days of a child’s life. “The best research shows that what happens to a child in their first 1000 days will influence their entire life,” Plunket Chief Executive Amanda Malu says. “The type of care that a child receives in that critical time can be the difference between a life of happiness, or a life of hardship.

Mamas & Papas, Armadillo Flip XT Strollers Product Recall

A product recall has been issued for Mamas & Papas, Armadillo Flip XT strollers. The product has been recalled because under certain conditions, when in the parent facing position, a latch may slip and cause the seatback to tip backwards. The seatback tip cannot occur when the infant is in the forward facing position or where a basinet attachment is used.

Plunket Announces New Chief Executive

Plunket’s new Chief Executive Amanda Malu says the greatest social good is achieved by investing in a child’s earliest years - and that by investing in our children, we are investing in our future. The announcement of the new appointment was made today by Acting New Zealand President Christine Lake, who says that the Board was delighted to be able to appoint someone of Amanda’s calibre and experience. “Plunket is at the beginning of an ambitious work programme to adapt to the changing needs of New Zealand families.

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