We provide Car Seat Installations for an affordable fee, give advice, support and education by experienced Child Restraint Technicians.   

  • Checking of self-installed car seat $10
  • Reinstall existing car seat $10-$20
  • Full installation of car seat $20 -$30
  • Advice is Free

Parts available for Purchase – anchor bolts, locking clips and extension straps

We offer Injury Prevention education and advice. Our programmes include Seen and Safe (free cycle helmet and hi vis following Core 7 well child visit) and Safe and Secure (free home safety products including safety gates for eligible families).

Other Services

  • Redemption of Seen and Safe and Safe and Secure referrals
  • Injury prevention education and advice
Need free support or advice?

Call PlunketLine 24/7 on 0800 933 922