Your donations have helped us on the frontline 

We were able to raise more than $93,000 over February and March. These funds go to filling the gaps in everything our Plunket nurses need for their important mahi across Aotearoa New Zealand, and keeps our community support going in the form of playgroups and parent groups - wraparound care for the whole whānau.

The story of Isla and her hip dysplasia diagnosis struck a cord with many of our amazing donors. No parent wants to see their child go through anything medical; it’s a scary, uncertain time. But early detection thanks to the eagle eye of Nurse Gillian meant that Isla was able to be fitted with a Pavlik harness and avoid invasive surgery. She was one of over 1,500 referrals for hip issues that we made in 2023, and thanks to you, we can keep doing so.

Isla is now 18 months old and doing fabulously well. Kerra was able to provide some rather exciting updates: not only is Isla walking and exploring her world confidently, she’s also going to be a big sister in the spring! A huge congratulations to Kerra, Mathew and Isla from Whānau Āwhina Plunket, and a resounding ‘thank you!’ to our donor community.