Volunteer with Plunket

Plunket couldn’t do what we do to support whānau without the help of our incredible volunteer network 

There are lots of reasons you might like to volunteer for Plunket - maybe: 

  • you just want to feel like you’re "using your brain again” while you’re on maternity leave, like Emma. 
  • you’ve moved cities and are looking for a way to connect in with your community and make friends, like Sheena.

What it’s like to volunteer for Plunket

As a Plunket volunteer you’d be supported by our amazing Community Services team.  

This team will help you find a volunteer role that you’d enjoy, and that works in with your family and/or work commitments.  

We have a range of roles that may work for you, from community activities supporting young whānau, to running new parent groups or playgroups, or helping high-schoolers learn early childhood education skills and supporting fundraisers.  

It just depends on what your interests and skills are, and what opportunities we have.  

Read about how Sheena utilised her marketing background to run her area’s Plunket Facebook page, and how Emma's role on her local Plunket committee helped her put something back into her community. 

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“I love that I can donate my time to an organisation that has such a positive impact on our community and tamariki. Facebook is a minor aspect of Plunket's work, but I hope that by a mix of informative, funny and uplifting posts that we can reach whānau in different ways and provide support and encouragement when they need it.” – Sheena Murtagh, Richmond Volunteer  

Benefits of volunteering

Volunteering for Plunket can also help you:  

  • grow your confidence and leadership skills 
  • play an active role in your local community 
  • make friends  
  • gain valuable skills, knowledge and experience to enhance your CV 
  • take on a new challenge, and  
  • truly make a difference in the lives of our young children and their families.  

Start volunteering today

If you’re interested in giving back to your community, supporting and empowering parents, and helping every child to thrive – then we’d love to hear from you.  

You can get in touch using the online form, or you can call your local Plunket office to chat to someone about how you can get involved. 

Note: Registering your interested in volunteering may not guarantee you a role – it will depend on what opportunities we have available in your community.

Volunteer stories

Sheena Murtagh

A professional background in marketing, new to Richmond and now a mum of a beautiful baby boy, Sheena decided she wanted to give something back to her local community and meet new people, and knew Plunket was the place to do this. 

“I joined the Plunket community when my son was born in 2018 and really appreciated the support of my local Plunket Nurse in Christchurch in those first few months when everything as a new mum was quite overwhelming. I moved to Richmond at the beginning of 2019 and from my personal experience with Plunket in Christchurch I knew it would be a great community to connect with when moving to a new region.” 

Sheena started following the Nelson/Tasman Plunket Facebook page and kept an eye on local groups and events she could join to meet other people. When a post asking for help with their Facebook page appeared, Sheena jumped at the chance. 

“My professional background is marketing, so I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to step outside of my mum role and put my skills to use as well as connecting with new people in Nelson/Tasman.” 

Now a volunteer as a Plunket Facebook Coordinator for over a year, Sheena has a role that is flexible and fits around her being a stay at home mum to her 18-month-old son, while also putting her professional skills to use.  

“I love that I can donate my time to an organisation that has such a positive impact on our community and tamariki. Facebook is a minor aspect of Plunket's work, but I hope that by a mix of informative, funny and uplifting posts that we can reach whānau in different ways and provide support and encouragement when they need it.”  

Emma Marriott

When Emma had her first son five years ago, she attended one of Plunket’s ‘Plunket In the Neighbourhood’ (PIN) groups in Wellington as a way to meet other parents and find out about services in her community. The coordinator at the group mentioned there were roles on the Plunket committee, so Emma was keen to put her skills to use. 

“Health and Safety was a role I had carried out at my previous job, so I was very keen to help out and take on the role. It involves me checking over the two buildings to ensure they are up to standard and I submit monthly reports, while also liaising with those who hire the rooms to ensure it all runs smoothly. I am on the committee and help out with fundraising events such as the annual Teddy Bear's Picnic as part of the local fair.” 

Although Emma loves her role being linked to her skills and working around her children, her reasons for volunteering also run much deeper; Emma was keen to be able to use her brain again while on maternity leave, put something back into her community and have the chance to meet more people. 

“I enjoy being part of the group and the community. After living overseas for many years and returning to New Zealand I found joining up with Plunket and the connections I have made from it invaluable. As an early childhood teacher, the importance of children getting off to the right start is vital, and Plunket plays a pivotal role in the health and wellbeing of young children in New Zealand, so its philosophies are close to my heart." 

“I was a Plunket baby and both my boys have attended Plunket and PIN groups. The support I have received from my Plunket Nurse and wonderful president of our committee has been amazing, and with my second son being premature and spending so much time in NICU it has been wonderful to have that support.” 

Now her boys are older, she’s also recruited some of our youngest volunteers!  

“Both my boys now five & one love joining me doing health and safety checks and it is great to see them developing an understanding of helping out. I love hearing stories from people when standing with a donation bucket in my hand, wonderful stories from the elderly about how they took their children to Plunket. It is an organisation that most kiwis can relate to or have experience with."