Advocacy at Plunket

For over 110 years Plunket has been working alongside whānau to help provide New Zealand’s tamariki the best start in life. From advocating for individual families’ needs to being a strong voice for whānau at a national level, Plunket is a lead advocate for the rights of all children and families in Aotearoa. 

Plunket’s unique position of working in partnership with whānau, and our relentless commitment to the wellbeing of tamariki, whānau and communities across Aotearoa, solidifies our obligation to make the biggest difference we can for the lives of our children.

Having a strong advocacy voice that forces every aspect of society to place children and whānau at heart of decision making, will enable us to make the difference of a lifetime for tamariki nation-wide.

How we advocate for whānau

Plunket advocates for child and family well-being through:

  • making submissions to and providing feedback on draft documents, reviews, and proposed legislation national and local government and other bodies
  • working in partnership with other agencies
  • being a strong voice for whānau and tamariki, using media and online channels to help keep children’s needs and related issues top of mind
  • publishing pieces on Plunket’s advocacy work in our Viewpoint blog and on other channels 

All of Plunket’s advocacy work is based on careful consideration of existing evidence from credible national and international sources and authorities. Submissions are often technical and are shaped by Plunket team members with specialist knowledge.

See what Plunket is currently advocating on or view our archive.

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