Current Advocacy Activities

Eliminating Child Poverty

Child poverty is a critical issue for New Zealand. It is systemic, life-threatening, and can be seen in homes in every corner of our country. Plunket works with families across Aotearoa and sees first-hand the damage poverty does to children’s health and well-being. Many of New Zealand’s children who live in poverty are not able to get the best start in their first 1000 days of life; the most important time in their development. Advocating for a poverty-free New Zealand for our tamariki is one of Plunket’s key advocacy priorities. Find out more.

Children's Health and Housing

Plunket is concerned about impacts of poor quality housing on children’s health across the country, and particularly at the disproportionate impact of inadequate housing on the health and wellbeing of Māori and Pacific tamariki. Advocating for a New Zealand where every family and child has a livable home is one of Plunket’s priorities. Find out more.

Smokefree Aotearoa

Plunket advocates for a smoke-free Aotearoa New Zealand by 2025. Based on the Australian experience, prohibiting branding logos and eye-catching imagery makes tobacco less appealing as a consumer item and lowers its commodity status. Plain packaging constitutes the next step in Plunket’s daily work to assist families to become smoke-free. Find out more

Whānau Mental Health 

Plunket has made a submission into the Government's Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction. Find out more. 

Child and Youth Wellbeing 

The Government’s first Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy will be published in 2019, and will set the direction for how to improve the wellbeing of children and young people in New Zealand. This is Plunket's submission to inform the development of the Strategy. Find out more about the Strategy on the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet website. 

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