Eliminating Child Poverty

Child poverty is a critical issue for New Zealand. It is systemic, life-threatening, and can be seen in homes in every corner of our country. The evidence is irrefutable that poverty has implications for the quality of the life outcomes for all; especially children and especially in the early years. Poverty and the effects of poor outcomes, in areas such as health, then have a flow-on effect that can span a lifetime and even inter-generationally.

Eliminating child poverty is fundamental to our nation’s future. We all have an obligation to contribute to levelling the playing field for our tamariki in New Zealand. All of us across all sectors, including government, need to invest in the well-being of all children living in poverty in order to make the difference of a lifetime and create generational change.

Reducing child poverty currently is a key focus for the Government, particularly with the new Child Poverty Reduction Bill for which submissions have recently closed.

Plunket strongly supports the intent of the Child Poverty Reduction Bill as a critical step toward creating a society where all children are able to get the best start in life. Accountability for meeting agreed consistent targets and reporting on progress towards eliminating poverty as proposed in this Bill, is a significant and welcome step towards a collaborative approach to reducing child poverty. However, we believe this Bill does not go far enough to protect every child from the impacts of poverty. Read about Plunket’s recommendations for the Bill in our submission

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