Professional Development and Recognition Programme

The Plunket Professional Development and Recognition Programme (PDRP) is a way of recognising, valuing and acknowledging the significant contribution that Plunket nurses and health workers make in reducing health disparities and improving health outcomes for children and families/whanau/fanau. The knowledge and skills required in practice at the different PDRP levels are integrated into the Standards for Plunket Nurse Practice and Health Worker Standards of Practice.

The Plunket PDRP provides a framework that helps nurses and health workers develop their professional practice and assists them on a career pathway. The PDRP encourages nurses and health workers to reflect on their practice and to set goals to plan for their future in well child care delivery and leadership. It is also a mechanism to assure the organisation, Plunket clients, Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ), and nurses themselves of their on-going competence.

Applying for PDRP

The PDRP Plunket Nurse and Plunket Health Worker Handbooks contain the information related to PDRP.

PDRP Plunket Nurse handbook

PDRP Plunket Health Worker handbook

Applications for Plunket nurse PDRP Proficient and Expert levels,

and Plunket Health Worker Proficient and Accomplished levels


due before


due before

Portfolio assessment completed during

Outcome advised and PDRP payments start/ or cease

1 February

1 March


31 March

1 May

1 June


30 June

1 September

1 October


31 October

  • For Competent and Senior Nurse you are welcome to apply at any stage.
  • For support in how to meet the competency requirements, you can contact the PDRP Coordinator, your first-line manager, and colleagues who are currently on PDRP. Support will be in the context of general guidance in regard to self-assessment completion and content development of the portfolio.
  • All PDRP applications, any enquiries regarding support, concerns and issues should be via the Plunket PDRP coordinator’s email address:
Portfolio submission

All portfolios are submitted online to


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