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Car seat service


Plunket's car seat service is changing

Our car seat service is changing, and we will no longer rent or sell car seats by December 2016.

We plan to continue to educate and advocate for children’s safety in cars, and have also decided to focus more broadly on the prevention of unintentional injuries for children. We are currently undertaking a strategic reevaluation of our future injury prevention strategy and education and advocacy are key components of this.

Please keep an eye on our website for further information about Plunket’s Car Seat Service in your area, and remember that until announced, the service will still be operating as business as usual in your area.

Car seat safety

To learn more about car seat safety, and which type of car seat restraint is best for your child, see our car seat safety section.

It is strongly recommended that to keep babies and toddlers safe, they travel rear-facing until 2 years of age. Older children should stay in their forward-facing child restraint or booster seat until they outgrow it.

Our car seat service staff are trained child restraint technicians which means they have the knowledge to provide the best advice on the installation and use of child restraints.

Hire a Car Seat

Plunket's car seat service offers a variety of infant and child restraints and booster seats at affordable rental prices.

A bond is charged in addition to rental, and this is refunded when the seat is returned in good condition and on time.

Find out more about hiring a car seat.

Buy a Car Seat

Infant capsules, child restraints, booster seats (child restraint) and accessories are also available for purchase.  

Find out more about where you can view our product range.

The Warehouse also stock a range of Plunket recommended car seats.

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