Parenting education programme PEPE

PEPE (Parenting Education Programme) is a Plunket-developed national programme which consists of a series of five courses, aimed at supporting parents in their parenting role through the different stages of their child’s early development.

The transition to parenthood is a time of many changes. PEPE groups can play a significant role in helping parents through this process.

All PEPE courses are designed to support parents in their parenting role, build parent confidence, and connect parents with other parents and local support and resources in their area.

Currently the PEPE programme consists of a series of five courses, free to all participants:

  • Your New Baby – Parenting in the first six weeks
  • Your Growing Baby - Parenting from 6 weeks until baby is rolling or crawling
  • Your Moving Baby - Parenting when baby is moving but not yet walking
  • Your Active Toddler – Parenting from around 14 months to around 2.5 years
  • Your Curious Young Child – Parenting from 2.5 years until your child is at school

We also have a dads only course available in some areas, called Dads4Dads. This course is designed for fathers of children under 1 year old, facilitated by dads and covers key issues that relate to parenting and fatherhood.

Download our PEPE Parenting Programme PDF document (533 KB)

There is no charge for our courses because we stand by our pledge to have parenting education and support freely available to all parents and whānau. PEPE is provided through community and volunteer funding.

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