Te Wana Quality Accreditation

Plunket is an Accreditation Alliance Australia New Zealand (AAA-NZ) Accredited Organisation.

Te Wana’s Quality Standards and Accreditation Programme is a continuous improvement programme emphasising ongoing system development. Independent reviewers or assessors are joined by trained peer reviewers to ensure that the specific nature of the organisation and service is known and understood. Unique characteristics of Te Wana include the foundation Treaty of Waitangi/Te Tiriti o Waitangi standards and specific service delivery modules of standards which offer a customised approach to quality improvement in a range of New Zealand settings.

Plunket has undergone the process of accreditation with the Te Wana programme. We have completed and been assessed by the Te Wana Review Team as having met all requirements and have received our accreditation in all Plunket Areas across Aotearoa.

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