Children's genitals and care

It’s normal for children to be curious about their bodies and children will often play with their genitals (private parts).

Talking to your child in a relaxed way about their behaviour and when and where it’s okay will help them learn about their bodies and how to care for them. A good time can be when you’re teaching children to clean themselves.

If you’re concerned about this, you may like to talk to Plunket or another health provider. 

Penis care

The foreskin (skin at the end of the penis) shouldn’t be forcibly pulled back. It will often be able to be pulled back by 3 to 5 years, but for many boys this isn’t possible until puberty. This is quite normal.

The foreskin and penis of an infant or child needs no special care. Wash and rinse the penis the same as any other part of the body. When a boy is old enough to bathe himself, he can wash his own penis.

You need to see your doctor if you notice that your child’s:

  • urine flow is weak, dribbles, or stops and starts
  • foreskin is swollen when they wee and stretches out like a balloon
  • foreskin has pus or blood coming out of the end.
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