17. Active Play Movement

Active Play Movement For ChildrenKeeping our children physically active builds our children’s brains and keeps them healthy. You help them to learn and to feel safe, and you show them they are loved. 

Provide lots of opportunity for your child to get outside and kick balls, run races, use swings and slides. Step/jump from stepping stone to stepping stone. Fly a kite – simple to make – cut out the inside of an icecream container lid and tape lightweight paper around. Attach wool and run in the wind to make it fly! On wet days, ensure some physically active play is provided for inside.

If you’re looking for more active movement ideas visit the Moving Smart website.


Movement is the architect of our brain. Children need lots of opportunity to build up a language of movement and know how their body fits in space. They are literally learning the basic concepts of physics from birth!

Active movement is a great way to fill up their emotional resilience tank.

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