4. Collage

Collage - Child ActivityExplore your child’s creativity by creating collages from inexpensive, found items. It is a great way to spend an afternoon. The only limitation when making a collage is your imagination!

Experimenting with glue and different materials from your collection, children learn how much glue is needed for different types of materials and also for the paper or card they are sticking objects to. As they get older children will enjoy making pictures and books from old magazines and junk mail.

Collage can also be stuck to pieces of wood (untreated) and bark. Experiment with using a sand cement with natural resources and bark.

Sand cement Recipe:  Mix one part sand to one part flour and add 1-2 cups of water until a thick paste that can be thickly smeared onto the surface. Stick objects into the sand cement and leave to set in a sunny spot.


Sensory experiences can be relaxing and soothing, helping your child’s emotional development while also developing their fine motor and creativity skills.

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