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2. Collecting Day

April is a wonderful time outside as the leaves change colour and fall. This can provide a great opportunity to stock your magical place with found items.

Wrap up warm and head outside to collect from your garden or your local park leaves, twigs, stones, pinecones etc. Be aware of hazardous items such as berries and anything that could be a choking hazard. A trip to the beach can provide shells, small pieces of driftwood and sand. Other objects that are fun for collaging are milk bottle tops, wool, paper, fabric scraps, cereal packets, old magazines etc. And don’t forget the necessary bought items -sticky tape and glue.  

For more information visit the Productive Parenting website.


Going out and about to find objects for the collection provides an opportunity to explore together and extend children’s language and experiences. Take the time to marvel at the beauty of nature, taking in the sights, sounds and textures as you explore. Children learn about nature, develop their language skills and in exercising their bodies are developing all of their motor skills.

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