12. Dress-up Play

Children's Activities - Dress UpDress-up play is an essential part of a child’s development. It helps grow their imagination, learn about the world around them and experience what it is like to be another person. 

Find an old suitcase and raid your wardrobe for any unused items such as scarves, shawls, gloves, handbags with short straps, old nighties, short dresses, suit jackets and vests, braces, low heeled shoes, etc. Check out second hand shops for other bits such as hats and old lacy/net curtains. From around the house add in old keys on a key ring, an old purse, apron, old mobile phone if you have one. From the toy box you might have some play money and other accessories that can be used in dress up play. Make optional extras such as animal tails by stuffing an old pair of pantyhose and cutting the other leg off.

Visit our Pinterest page for instructions on how to make a paper hat.


Children are learning what it is like to be another person or in a particuler role. Dressing up leads to imaginary and dramatic play and develops their ideas of how the world can be.

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