25. Found Sounds & Music

Drum Playing Children's ActivitiesKids love to sing and dance and create ‘music’. Encourage them to explore creating different sounds through simple instruments made from recycling items and items from around the home. 

Talk with your child about loud/soft sounds, high/low sounds, fast and slow etc. Make up a saucepan drum set with wooden spoon drumsticks to experiment with these sounds and actions!

Create little drums by stretching balloons over small containers and taping with insulating tape around the rim and container to hold. Stretch large rubber bands over an empty tissue box.

Make shakers using small empty plastic vegemite jars filled with different material e.g. chopped up lengths of straws, beads or sand.

Roll up magazines or chop lengths of the large flax flower stem to make sticks or rakau. Supervise this play with young children and put away any instruments afterwards that could be a safety hazard if they come apart.


Music provides learning for the whole child, it is emotionally satisfying, and develops motor skills, listening, maths, creativity and music skills.

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