27. Growing Things

Children's Activities - Growing ThingsChildren love the excitement of growing and looking after a plant. Start small (container plantings) and watch your child’s reaction!

‘Plant the seeds’ of growing things with your child by keeping the tops of carrots and putting them onto wet cotton wool. Keep watered and watch the green top grow!

Another idea is to put the roots and small part of the spring onion bulb in water and watch it begin to grow, transfer to the garden (or a container) and watch as it produces growth you can eat! Sow watercress in a glass or see-through plastic container and watch it sprout on the window sill.

Create a little garden outside that is your child’s to water and nurture.  Gardening can be a messy activity, so be prepared with old clothes. And don’t forget to be sun smart outside!


Children are learning about the science of plants and the earth, and about taking care of living things. They can create labels to put next to what have been planted, developing their literacy and language skills.

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