16. Parent's Little Helper

Activities for Children - Parents Little HelperChildren learn by copying and they love doing what their parents are doing. Involving them in the day to day chores will teach them new skills and give them a sense of belonging.

Children like to be part of the day to day house activity. They try out being Mum and Dad and this often means copying what you do! Involve children in the day to day chores, let them have their own duster for dusting some areas, pass the pegs when you hang up the washing, pass them the paired socks to throw in the basket (great when you make them into a ball!), sweep the floor or use the vacuum in an area you feel comfortable with this, help with washing up some of the dishes, or help wash the car.


Children are practicing at being in the world – they are literally creating their own theory of the world when they are given the opportunity to do some of the things they see.

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