1. Magical Places

Magical PlacesThe changes in seasons are a wonderful time. For example, in Autumn outside the leaves change colour and fall. This can provide a great opportunity to stock your magical place with found items.

Create a magical place for your child to experiment with drawing, painting, cutting and gluing. If space permits, give them their own desk and/or set of shelves. Recycle containers and label or illustrate on the outside what is in the container. Support your child to learn that there are limits and boundaries when using the materials. You can tape a line around the area to show them that the paper, pens etc stay within this area. Materials that need supervision can be stored on higher shelves.


Some of the things they are learning are: the effects their actions have on materials; fine motor skill development; arm movement; hand/eye co-ordination; to focus their attention; creativity. The freedom to choose when they play and how they play encourages children to explore and experiment in a way that is meaningful to them. Having their own special place helps children to feel special and develops their self-esteem.

There is a great book called Magic Places by Pennie Brownlee if you are looking for inspiration, or check out Ako Books.

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