3. Paper Play

3 PaperPlayWrapping

Support your child’s play and offer them the opportunity to master new skills by offering them the freedom to explore with paper, tin foil and other items.

Some children love to wrap up items from their toy box and pretend they are presents. Sometimes they just love the process of wrapping up and will use anything at their fingertips to do this e.g. a small blanket, wrapping and unwrapping items over and over. If you notice your child going through this phase – keep a stack of paper (recycling old gift wrap works well, as does tin foil) and some sticky tape to support their exploration.

Encourage older children to use scissors with supervision. Hold the paper firm for them and encourage with words or a song “Open shut them, open shut them, give a little snip.” Children will often use two hands at first before mastering the idea of the thumb and fingers working together.

If they are into dressing up and make believe, help them to make a paper hat (visit our Pinterest page for a ‘how-to’)


Supporting children in play that is interesting them at the time and have the opportunity to master new skills builds children’s self-esteem. Paper and scissor play also helps children’s fine motor skills.

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