14. Posting Box Activity

Children's ActivitiesPosting box activities develop hand/eye co-ordination and problem solving skills. Create your own from an ice cream container and a range of household objects. 

Make your own posting boxes from ice cream containers or other containers that have plastic lids. Find a small range of objects such as a ping pong ball, metal lid, wooden block and draw around the objects then cut out the holes to match the objects. Have a long slot for the metal lids so this encourages posting on the short side. To begin with use a plastic bottle and encourage posting pegs in the neck.

This great post from the Imagination tree demonstrates how to make a posting box maths game. 


These activities develop hand/eye co-ordination and with your support will develop persistence needed for later problem solving. Plus, depending on the ‘level’ of difficulty you make your posting box children can grow their numeracy and literacy skills.

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