30. Pretend Play

Children's Activities - Pretend PlayPretend play (Imaginative play) is any activity that requires children to think for themselves to create entertainment and fun.  How can you encourage your child’s play? 

Encourage children to think creatively and use their imagination with everyday objects around the home e.g. the vacuum hose can become a fire hose, or the chairs lined up to be a car/bus, a remote control can become a phone.

What other items in your house can become something else? Create opportunies for exploration and creative thinking. Act out favourite stories and encourage your child to think up other storylines.


In pretend play children get the chance to explore what it feels like to be someone or something else. They are creating their own theories about the world and people in it.

This supports their cognitive and social development, develops their imagination and problem solving skills along with many other aspects of their development.

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