24. Rainy Day Play

Children's Activities - Rainy Day PlayA rainy day doesn’t have to mean boredom. Chase any gloominess away and encourage kids to participate in some fun activities around the house (or outside if it’s not too wet!)

Many of our other play day ideas will help with the caged in feeling of a rainy day! If it is not too cold put on raincoats and gumboots, splash in the puddles and feel the rain on your hands. Inside rearrange furniture and create huts out of blankets or sheets, or make an obstacle course for children to climb through, over and under. Play hide and go seek – young children this might be in the same room as you and behind a chair or curtain, while older children might be happy to hide further away.

Have a look at some of our previous 30 days of play activities which include Balloon tennis, Dress ups and Messy play inside.


As well as providing the opportunity to release energy, children will be using their imagination, developing all of their physical skills.

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