29. Reading

Children's Activities - ReadingChildren love to learn and reading to your child everyday helps them to develop their speech and communication skills. It grows their imagination and their understanding of the world.

Reading together and having a routine will build and grow the relationship with your child. As your child gets older give them the responsibility to choose the books and bringing them to you. Hold the book so that they can see the pictures as you read and point. You can also make simple books from photos or pictures from magazines and encourage your child to point to familiar faces or pictures. Books can be linked to chanting, adventures and make believe.

Some great experiential books for learning:
We’re going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen
Stomp by Ruth Paul


Reading brings you close together as you share attention, building your child’s language and reading skills. Through repeated storytelling their brain is learning to anticipate what will come next. They learn how to hold and turn pages through watching you.

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