6. Treasure Hunt In A Bottle

Children's Activities - Treasure HuntCreating a treasure hunt in a bottle is an easy and fun project that can be made with items found around the house. This is a fun discovery activity to do together.

Inside a large plastic soft drink bottle insert small objects such as cut up straws, pegs, buttons, bells, little piece of sponge cloth (can be rolled up to insert) and a special object for example a miniature car, teddy or animal. Pour into the bottle dry sand to cover the objects (about 2/3rds full). Screw lid on tightly and tape up securely. Shake the bottle to distribute the objects and encourage the turning of the bottle to find the hidden objects camouflaged by the sand!


This is a fun activity to do together providing an opportunity for shared attention and language development. You could make multiple, themed bottles and create your own educational activities such as rhyming words, types of animals or a seasonal theme.

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