11. Water Play

Children's Activities - Water PlayWater is fascinating and fun! Children can spend hours playing with it. Water play is a unique activity for children because it’s always available and provides many learning experiences.

From washing the car with dad to washing dishes in a sink of warm soapy water. Water play can be a soothing start to the day or calm a tired young child at the end of the day. Whether water play is at a sink, outside, in a bowl, or in the bath, you can extend the play with simple equipment from around the home – measure cups, funnels, sieves or colanders, tubing to blow through etc. Add colour and bubbles.

Always supervise water play!


Water play provides opportunities for children to experiment with science and maths concepts such as empty/full, heavy/light, more/less, shallow/deep etc. Being alongside your child you can enhance language development and it is one of the most soothing play activities which grows all areas of your child’s development.

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