Language Development

language development

  • Children develop language at different speeds. This resource will show you what you can expect your child to be able to do as they grow.

  • Try getting face to face when communicating so that they can see you mouthing words and sounds to help encourage language development. Talking, singing, reading books to and playing repetitive games with your child are also great ways to help. Find some more ideas here.

  • There is growing evidence that growing up in a multilingual environment is awesome for baby’s brain development. 

  • Learning more than one language from an early age will not confuse your child as they can distinguish languages relatively easily. Your child will pick up English from other sources so feel free to expose your child to different language at home. You could also take your child along to a play group where they speak languages you’d like to expose your child to. Find Plunket playgroups in your area here.

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