Bathing your baby

Washing and bathing your baby is a special time, and you can never be too cautious! There are several things you can do to make bathing easier and safe.

Where should I bathe my baby?

Babies enjoy lots of different ways of bathing, and they can be bathed in several ways:

  • being in their own baby bath

  • with other children

  • having a bath or shower with an adult.

Take great care as babies are slippery when wet!

How often should I bathe my baby?

A daily bath is not always needed; a face, hands, and bottom wash is fine on some days. If your baby doesn’t like the bath, you could try to:

  • bathe them when they’re not hungry or tired

  • wash a little at a time rather than a full bath

  • wrap your baby in a towel and gently lower them into the water as you unwrap them

  • lie a warm face cloth on top of your baby’s tummy in the bath

  • gently splash water on them

  • bathe your baby with an adult.

It is important to always have an adult or responsible teenager 14 years and over to stay with your baby and always keep a hand on them when they are in the bath.

Read more about safety tips during bathing. This includes preventing drowning and burns.


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