Cradle cap & hair

You may notice your baby’s head has become scaly, or that their hair has started falling out. This is common and while either condition doesn’t need treatment, there are some things you can do to help.

Cradle cap

Cradle cap is a thick scaly area on a baby’s head. The cause is unknown. It’s common, doesn’t hurt your baby and slowly disappears. It doesn’t need treatment.

You can try to remove it by:

  • brushing baby's hair and washing it with mild baby shampoo 


  1. Massage baby oil onto the cradle cap 

  2. Leave it for a short time 

  3. Shampoo baby's hair with mild baby shampoo

  4. Rub baby’s head lightly with a towel, your finger or a soft baby’s toothbrush

  5. Repeat this for several days.

Pharmacies sell special preparations for cradle cap, but they’re not usually necessary. If the cradle cap becomes red and itchy, take your baby to see a doctor.

Your baby’s hair

It’s normal for your baby’s hair to fall out, especially at the back of the head. It will grow back over the next few months.

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