Umbilical cord / tummy button

Your baby will still have a stump in their belly button, where the umbilical cord was cut. It may bleed a little at first, so you should take care when caring for your baby’s belly button.

Umbilical cord

The stump of the umbilical cord usually shrivels and separates in 7–10 days. It may ooze or bleed a little. Keep the tummy button clean and dry. Don’t use any creams or powder around the area. They can cause an infection.

Tummy/Belly button

If your baby’s tummy button bleeds often, is sticky, smelly or red, or the skin around the area is red, it may be infected. Talk to your midwife or doctor about this.

Some tummy buttons stick out (called an umbilical hernia). The bulge is soft and not painful. It can take up to 5 years to disappear as the muscles around it tighten slowly. It doesn’t usually need surgery.

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