Every year in New Zealand over 13,000 children under 5 go to hospital with injuries and poisoning. We can prevent our children having so many accidents. This chapter about safety has some ideas on keeping your child safe as they grow.

Child safety factsheets

Plunket have produced three safety factsheets for your baby, toddler & pre-schooler offering hints & tips to ensure the safety of your child.

Safety & your baby

Download Safety & your baby factsheet PDF 2 pages, 950KB

Every baby is different, they will grow and learn in their own time. It's important that you keep one step ahead, making the environment safe for your baby.

Babies can go from wriggling, sitting and crawling, to standing and walking in a matter of months. Read our downloadable Safety and your baby factsheet and complete the checklist to keep your baby safe.

Safety & your toddler

Download Safety & your toddler factsheet PDF 2 pages, 725KB

Your toddler is at a very busy stage of their life. They rush around on unsteady feet with little understanding of any dangers.

Age one is the most injury-prone stage of you child's life. Read our top tips and complete the checklist on the downloadable factsheet below and help to keep your toddler safe.

Safety & your pre-schooler

Download Safety & your pre-schooler factsheet PDF 2 pages, 1.1Mb

Most injuries happen in & around the home, download our Safety and your pre-schooler factsheet and see how you can and can help be prevent some injuries by making simple changes to your environment.

Home Safety Checklist

Safekids, in partnership with Plunket and ACC, has developed a quick reference to help identify some hazardous areas in and around your home.

Download Home Safety Checklist PDF

Keeping Kids Safe booklet

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has created the Keeping Kids Safe booklet. This booklet provides information and guidance around the purchase and safe use of a variety of children’s and nursery products, discusses safety standards and reducing the risk of injury to young children in the home.

You can access the booklet from the Consumer Affairs website.

Keeping up with product safety recalls

Keep up to date and keep your family safe by registering to receive updates about product safety recalls here.

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