Keep kids safe in cars

CarSeatsAs well as your child’s car seat, it’s important to think about getting your child in and out of the car safely. Children can easily get hurt or hurt themselves when you leave them alone in a vehicle.

Five ways to keep your child safe in the car

  1. Take your child with you when you leave the vehicle, even if you’re only going to be away for a few minutes.

  2. In warm weather the inside of the vehicle can get very hot, very quickly. Babies and small children can become distressed and dehydrated.

  3. Teach your child to get in and out of a vehicle on the footpath side.

  4. Remove the car cigarette lighter, and don’t leave lighters, matches, medicines or keys in your vehicle.

  5. Use child safety locks on all doors if your vehicle has them.

More car safety information

The New Zealand Transport Agency provides some helpful information to help you make the right choices to best protect your children in vehicles.

FACT: In a crash or sudden stop, a child restraint that is used correctly will give the best possible protection to a child

FACT: Holding a baby or child in your arms will not protect them in a sudden stop or crash

FACT: Most crashes happen close to home, yet it is on these trips that many children aren't buckled into restraints

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