Toy safety

SafetyToysPlaying with toys can be fun for your baby, but you still need to think about safety. Toys need to be right for your child’s age. Babies are too young to understand that certain objects can break, or can hurt them and older children’s toys often have small pieces that are dangerous for them.

To keep your child safe

Move your precious things and dangerous things out of reach of a young child. Check that your child’s toys:

  • don’t have elastic or strings, so they don’t twist around your baby’s neck or fingers.

  • are bigger than 35mm (size of a ping pong ball or golf ball).

  • are unbreakable and don’t have sharp edges or small bits that could break off so your child doesn’t swallow and choke on them.

  • are right for your child’s age. Older children’s small toys might hurt young children.

Also throw away deflated and burst balloons.  Children can breathe a soft piece in and choke and it’s hard to get the pieces of balloon out of their mouths.


Batteries are small and can pose a risk to small children. To keep them safe:

  1. Ensure battery compartments of toys are secure.

  2. Keep all batteries out of reach.

  3. If swallowed by your child, take them to hospital immediately.

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