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Different homes have different dangers. A large number of injuries happen in other people’s homes. Children love to explore new places. Other adults may not realise there are dangers if they are not used to children visiting.

It's important to provide safe play areas inside and outside. Get down to your child’s level on the floor and look for areas that may be dangerous, like electric plugs, heaters, etc. make changes to make the home safer for your child. Always have a responsible adult care for your child. Never leave them alone in the car or at home.

Talk to family and whānau or friends who care for your child about safety risks in their homes (eg medications, poisons, road access) and how to make their homes safer for your child. Begin to give simple explanations about safety as your child becomes older and able to understand.

Talk to Plunket staff or other well child health providers about keeping your child safe and where you can buy safety equipment.

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