Playing outside

Young children love going outside to play, but they often don’t know the risks that come with outside activities. It’s important to have a safe outside play area to stop them from injuring themselves. Use our checklist to make sure you have a safe outside play area for your baby or child.

Check that your outside area is:

  1. out of the direct sun

  2. fenced and away from driveways and roads

  3. fences and away from water dangers such as lakes, pools, ponds and rivers.

To help keep your child safe outside

  • Always stay with your young child when they’re playing outside or in a paddling pool, swimming pool or spa pool.

  • Take a mobile or cordless phone outside with you.

  • Always take your child indoors with you, even if you’re only going for a minute.

  • Check that children can’t get into a garden shed. Lock all your garden poisons and tools away.

  • Check that your child can’t get onto the road or driveway from their play area.

Read more about keeping your child safe near water or the road and driveways.

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