Sun safety

A baby or child’s skin is very sensitive and can sunburn easily. Protect your baby or child from sunburn by following some simple tips.

Keep them out of the hot sun from 10am–4pm. This includes cloudy days too, because they can still burn then.


  • Use SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen that meets safety standard AS/NZS 2604.

  • Check the expiry date.

  • Wipe it on thickly on your child’s exposed skin.

  • Your pharmacist can give advice about sunscreens.

  • Follow the instructions on the container to reapply it.


  • Choose a sun hat that keeps the sun off their face, neck and ears, and give them sunglasses with sun-protection to wear to protect their eyes.

  • Wear a sun hat yourself to set an example.

  • Dress them in loose-fitting, long-sleeved clothing or clothing/swimwear made from fabric that has a special sun-protection-factor.

  • Use a sunshade or umbrella over the pram or stroller when you’re out.

When you’re out and about

Encourage children to play in the shade and keep the pram or stroller in the shade as much as possible.

Be aware that the sun can burn by reflecting off water, sand and the inside of sun umbrellas.


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