Keeping your child safe from drowning

SafetySwimmingPoolDrowning is a leading cause of child deaths in New Zealand.  Your child can drown in 4cm of water and in less than two minutes.  Stay with your child when they are near water, as your child doesn’t understand how dangerous water is.  Ensure your home is water safe.

Children love to play with water, but as they reach over baths, buckets or containers, they can lose their balance and fall in.  Even if they can swim, you should always stay with them near water.  Children who drown have usually been playing alone or without an adult watching them.

How to help keep your child safe near water

  1. Stay within grabbing distance of your child near water (active supervision) including bath, paddling pool, swimming pool, spa pool, lake, sea, or river.

  2. Don’t rely on flotation aids like air rings or armbands when swimming with your child in rivers, lakes or the sea, keep away from strong currents and rips.

  3. If you have a swimming pool or spa pool, check that the safety fence complies with the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987.

  4. If you choose to go and answer the phone when your child is near water, take your child with you.

  5. Empty the paddling pool once your child has finished playing in it.

  6. Check your house and garden for anything that collects rainwater and turn it upside down, so water can’t pool in it.

  7. Keep the nappy bucket off the floor so your child can’t get to it. Check that the lid fits well.

  8. Close laundry, bathroom and toilet doors.

It would be useful to teach your child about water confidence.


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