Safety in the bath

The bathroom is a risky place for children. They can slip and drown if they’re not careful, but there are many things you can do to keep a bathroom safe.

How to help you keep your child safe in the bath

  • Keep the bath plug up high when you’re not using it.

  • Turn the phone off, or silence the ring while your baby is in the bath, so that it doesn’t distract you.

  • If you choose to answer the phone, wrap your child in a towel and take them with you.

  • Take everything you need to the bathroom.

  • Watch the bath while it fills, and empty it as soon as your child is out. Make sure toys or the plug can’t block the plug hole so that the bath doesn’t empty.

  • Never use a bath seat or similar aid that allows you to take your hands off the baby. They can tip over and trap your baby under the water.

  • Keep your hand on your young baby while you bathe them.

  • Take your child with you if you have to leave the bathroom.

  • Don’t leave an older sibling to supervise a baby or toddler in the bath.

Always make sure an adult (or responsible teenager 14 years and over) stays with your child when the child is in the bath (watch any child at bath time until aged 5).

Water Safety New Zealand has a Be Water Wise at Home checklist and other resources about water.  You can download them from the Water Safety New Zealand website. 

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