Family violence, it’s not ok

Many children and parents in New Zealand experience domestic violence at home. When someone uses violence to control their family it’s illegal, and it’s not okay. Plunket is here to help children and families who are in a violent relationship.

We know that violence in families:

  • is not always physical or sexual

  • may be psychological, emotional, or financial

  • usually increases in frequency and gets more severe unless the abusive person takes responsibility and changes their behaviour

  • may stop you being the parent you want to be.

We know that psychological or emotional abuse is the most common form of violence in families. The person being abused often says that this is the worst type of violence.  

Violence has many serious effects on families. Some people are hurt or even die from physical injuries, while others
suffer from depression.

Violence can cause people to feel suicidal, or to have problems with alcohol and other drugs. It can affect your eating and sleeping, and your general health.

People in violent homes often feel anxious, confused and alone. 

Are you suffering from family violence or abuse?

  • Does anyone threaten to hurt you, the children, themselves, or your pets?

  • Does anyone threaten to take the children away or report you?

  • Do they stop you seeing your family and friends?

  • Do they stop you having any money or working outside the home?

  • Do they control what you do or where you go?

  • Do they repeatedly email or call or text you, or check who you have been contacting?

  • Do they get jealous or angry easily?

  • Do they do things that scare you, like displaying weapons or driving fast?

  • Do they call you names, constantly criticise or put you down?

  • Do they hit, choke, push, slap, burn, kick you, hurt you in any way, or throw things?

  • Do they force you to have sex or do degrading things?

What you can do

If you do any of these things to your partner or children, get help now. Abusive people can change.

Ask someone about your local Stopping Violence Programme, or phone Citizens Advice Bureau on 0800 367 222 or the Shine Helpline.

You can also phone Te Kupenga Whakaoti Mahi Patunga - National Network of Stopping Violence on 0800 478 778.

Plunket Child Protection Policy

In accordance with the New Zealand Vulnerable Children Act (2014) and Plunket’s commitment to always act responsibly in the best interests of the child, Plunket has a child protection policy. The policy provides guidance to all Plunket workers as well as Plunket volunteers and Plunket contractors on how to prevent, identify, and respond to concerns about possible abuse or neglect of a child or young person. View the Plunket Child Protection Policy


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