Plunket Family Violence Petition

Family violence is a major issue in New Zealand. In 2015, police responded to over 110,000 family violence related calls. Last year, 17 children lost their lives due to family violence.

Violence against children often starts at an early age. The best research shows that what happens to a child in their first 1000 days will influence their entire life – and the effects of violence can last a lifetime.

Over the month of December Plunket is running a petition through Facebook advertising – asking for signatures to help stop family violence.

This petition aims to raise awareness about how serious family violence is in New Zealand.

It will support our conversations with Government agencies, particularly encouraging a focus on children in vulnerable circumstances.

It will also support our requests for funding of parenting programmes that aim to break the cycle of family violence that is all too common in NZ. You can sign the petition here

Frequently asked questions

How does Plunket help with family violence?

Plunket works in partnership with families and communities in the promotion of positive non-violent relationships. Emphasis is placed on building positive interactions and communication with others, enabling caregivers to feel informed, involved and empowered.

We run community services such as GPS (giving people support) that work alongside families who have suffered from family violence and other situations that are difficult and stressful. They are given support to work through issues and keep their children safe. 

We also work to reduce social isolation and promote positive non-violent parenting practices through the provision of Plunket’s community support services such as playgroups, coffee groups, and parenting courses.

Plunket staff are trained to screen for family violence and do so as part of their role within the WCTO contract. This involves questioning adults for a personal history of family to identify those individuals who would benefit from further exploring of their situation and from some form of supportive intervention.

How does your signature help?

Your signature will help us advocate for greater support services to prevent family violence.

Is there a fundraising aspect to this petition?

Yes. Following someone signing the petition, they will be called by a Plunket representative. This representative will thank them for signing the petition and ask if they would like to make regular donations to Plunket.

Where do donations to Plunket go?

Your monthly donations help us to run parenting courses that support families in need. These courses help:

  • Promote positive non-violent relationships.
  • Support families who have suffered from family violence and other situations that are difficult and stressful.
  • Reduce social isolation and promote positive non-violent parenting practices.
  • Provide parents with the tools that they need to be confident to grow healthy tamariki.

Isn’t Plunket government funded?

Plunket receives government funding through the Well Child contract. This covers the Plunket nurse and some home visits. PlunketLine is also funded by the government. However, the number of calls, training and the visits required to some families outweighs the funding received.

Donations are required to bridge this gap.

Donations are also required for all community services and Plunket groups. No government funding is received for these services.

Have feedback?

This is a new approach for us, and we are running the petition over two weeks to gauge the response. If you have further feedback please let us know by emailing

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