What can you do?

You are not alone.  Help and support is available for those suffering from family violence.  Kia kaha.  Kōrero mai.  Think how you can keep yourself and your children safe, as well as hold the violent person accountable.  If you have any concerns, please talk to your midwife, a Plunket staff member or other well child health provider, your doctor, or your local Women's Refuge by calling 0800 007 750.

Ask for help

Talk to someone you can trust, Plunket staff, Women’s Refuge or Shine Helpline. They will talk to you about how to keep yourself safe and about your legal rights, including police safety orders.

Phone Women’s Refuge and Shine Helpline

They have 24-hour phone lines for confidential and practical support. Women’s Refuge can provide an emergency safe house, home visits, and support when dealing with police, lawyers, courts, Work and Income, doctors, and so on. Women’s Refuge staff will support you no matter where you are. Visit the Women's Refuge website or Shine's website for more information.

Make a safety plan

Your plan should include:

  • the phone numbers of people you can trust

  • a way for you and your children to get out safely

  • a place to go and how to get there (a Women’s Refuge advocate can help you plan this).

Phone the police

If anyone is in danger, call the police on 111. Police treat violence in families as serious crimes.  You have the right to report every act of violence to the police, even a long time after some of the controlling behaviour has happened.

If you are concerned about a child

Tell someone who can help you keep yourself and your children safe. The abuse could be physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, or the child’s needs not being met. If a child tells you they have been hurt, it is important to believe the child and get help for them.

A child who is being abused cannot always tell you - especially young children - but you may notice behaviour changes or signs of violence. Your friends or family members may need your support or practical help. Talk to them about how you can help.

Visit the Oranga Tamariki or call 0508 FAMILY (0508 326 459) to ask about anything that worries you.

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