There are many benefits to baby massage, both for you and your pēpi. 

Benefits for baby 

  • Improved parent-infant interaction 
  • Better sleep patterns 
  • Helps calm your baby 
  • Reduces crying and stress levels  
  • Improves weight gain and development 
  • Helps with muscle tone and bowel movements 
  • More socially alert 
  • Helps the brain develop through touch 

Benefits for you 

  • Improved parent-infant interaction 
  • Helps you better recognise your baby's communication signals  

Tips for massaging your baby

Massage works best in a warm, peaceful environment. Here are a few tips to help: 

  • find a time that works for you and your baby. Try massaging them after a bath, when they're relaxed. 
  • start massaging from your baby’s head and gently stroke downwards over their body 
  • use a gentle circular motion with your fingers 
  • baby massage oil will help your hands slide over your baby’s body 
  • avoid highly perfumed oils, which can irritate their skin 
  • talk or sing to your baby as you massage them. 

The way you massage isn’t important – there is no right or wrong technique – just do whatever your baby enjoys. Follow their cues and stop when you think they’ve had enough.