Making bedrooms safer

When an earthquake is shaking, objects can fall and hurt tamariki. Here are some quick and easy ways to make your child's bedroom safer during an earthquake:

  • Secure tall or heavy furniture to the wall using brackets or straps
  • Place your child's bassinet, cot or bed away from windows (ideally next to an internall wall)
  • Hang pictures/shelves away from beds so nothing can fall down where your child sleeps
  • Hang pictures or mirrors on appropriate hooks (not just nails)
  • Move heavy items off high shelves to a safer spot lower down
  • If your child's cot or bed has castors, keep them locked to stop it moving around during an earthquake

Securing furniture

Tall or heavy furniture can topple over during an earthquake (or if your toddler tries to climb them). Luckily it's not too difficult to make them safer by securing these items.

The EQC 'Quake Safety For Young Children' brochure below has simple instructions for how to secure your furniture.

Download Quake Safety PDF

Throughout the home

Now you've made your child's room safer, have a think about other areas in your home that could be dangerous to tamariki during an earthquake:

  • Secure tall or heavy furniture and appliances throughout your home, like bookcases and cabinets
  • Secure large electrical items and appliances like TVs and whiteware
  • Add latches to cupboards and drawers - as well as helping baby-proof or toddler-proof your home, this will keep objects inside during an earthquake.
Find out more about preparing your home and protecting your whānau

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