We get asked a lot of questions about sleep! In fact, the most common questions whānau ask us are:

  • How to get pēpi (baby) to sleep
  • How to re-settle them if they wake.

We have worked with sleep experts to create a Sleep and settling baby | pēpi course that gives you the most up-to-date information about sleep for pēpi.

In this course you can learn:

  • how the temperament of your pēpi can affect how they sleep
  • to reflect on expectations, as a parent, and from your whānau
  • about normal sleep for your pēpi (in the first year) 
  • strategies to promote healthy and safe sleep
  • to recognise the signs that your pēpi is tired
  • where to get help if you are struggling with sleep.

You can dip in and out of the course to whatever information you need at the time. You don’t have to complete the whole course. You can access this course at any time and on any device.

Sleep and settling baby | pēpi course

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