Dadvice: Introducing Jay

Child of the mid-80s. Proud as father of the two choicest accidents ever: Miss Thirteen and Mr Four. Responsible for adult kids by day (apparently, in the corporate world they call this “leadership”) and very little by night, all praises due to my wicked significant other.

This freelance parental #Dadvice side hustle is a new one. But don’t stress, my credentials speak for themselves:

  1. I’m a dad. A legit, everyday dad with no special powers.
  2. I once gave a piece of advice to the homegirl Kate/Plunket’s Social Media Manager

Trust me, I got this.

Actually, I lied. Maybe don’t trust me.

I actually do have a special power, newly acquired. This platform. Where a total Everyday Dad has been given the privilege of chopping it up with his Everyday Dad counterparts. I want you to consider this your safe space. Me, a total stranger, on this public social media group with a 40k following.

Your safe space.

Truthfully, my biggest fear on this journey with y’all is that I won’t be able to help those that reach out for it. Much of what I have to offer will be a reflection of my many mistakes, rather than the shameless plugging of my fewer triumphs.

So apologies in advance if the advice sucks. Just know that the care is real.


by Jay 12 August 2019

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