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Plunket Transition Update

People are talking about Plunket this week and we understand some people are wondering what we are doing. We want to assure New Zealanders that hundreds of dedicated Plunket staff and volunteers up and down the country are doing the same thing today that we’ve been doing for over 110 years – looking after families at one of the most critical and special times of their lives. We continue to do this and our Plunket nursing service is not changing.

Plunket in the news

Tonight One News ran a story regarding Plunket’s decision to close our Karori crèche and also included mention of our ongoing work with the Culverden community regarding a Plunket property. The story suggested that Plunket was taking or selling the Culverden building. This is not the case.
An interesting link from Plunket
Here's something I read on the Plunket website I thought you might find interesting.
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